The Impact Of Immigration On The United States Essay examples

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Immigration has always been a debated subject in U.S history. When we think of immigration, many thoughts come to our minds, thoughts such as certain ethnic groups, border control, or better opportunity. The United States has been a nation of immigration since the early 80’s. Today, immigration is brought up more and more as it continues to be a controversial subject in the political world. When the public speaks on immigration, they tend to talk about what they are being told or what is seen on social media, because of this it is important to know the policies and economical effects on immigration in the United States. Immigration is defined as the movement or migration of people from other countries into the U.S. The reason immigration exists is because people try to get out away from there country of origin due to political, violence, or economical reasons in search for a better lifestyle. The United States experienced the first waves of immigration starting in the 1820’s from northern Europe, this was referred to as the old immigrants. The new immigrants wave began in the late 80’s, this wave had countless ethnic groups such as Irish, Germans, and Chinese that migrated to the U.S in search for jobs and a better lifestyle. Starting in the late 1980’s the U.S began to experience a very large number of Mexicans migrating to the U.S. The cause of this migration was because of the violence and the corruption of political leaders Mexico has. The U.S realized that they had a…

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