New York City Migration Case Study

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Over the past eight years, New York City economy has been experiencing steady growth.
According to [ U.S. Metro Economics], in 2012 The New York City Metropolitan Statistical Area generated a gross metropolitan product of over US $1.33 trillion, while the combined Statistical
Area produce a GMP of over US $ 1.55 trillion, both ranking first nationally by a wide margin and behind the GDP of only twelve nationand eleven nation, respectively. The city’s economy accounts for most of the economic activity in the State of New York. While many contribute this growth to things such as, Real Estate, Finance, Technology, Health care, Manufacturing, Trade and Media, it must be noted also that Immigrants have played a big part in the success of this great State.
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Donald Trump’s scandals was confined to him and the women he had these relationships with, and whether he can be trusted to hold the nuclear button. Hilary’s problem on the other hand, was that of trust and her emails, also confined to her. Immigration resonate strongly, and was more of a wide spread issue, than that of Donald and Hilary’s problems. Donald Trump’s used this hot button issue of immigration to launched his campaign, promising to stop the flow of illegal immigration by building a wall between Mexico and the
United State. This infuriate millions of people, not just undocumented Immigrants, but a wide cross sector of society, but it did not stop there, he went on ranting and railing insult at the
Hispanic and Mexican community, saying that illegal aliens are rapist and drug smugglers, and that they are an added burden to the already shaky economy. He said they were living off welfare and costing taxpayers a lot of money. He holds them responsible for taking millions of jobs away from Americans. Undocumented immigrant is anyone who enter the United State and are living here without permission, as is usual during periods of hard times

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