Donald Trump On Immigration Analysis

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On July 1st, 2015, CNN’s Don Lemon had an interview with Donald Trump, one of the Republican presidential candidates, about his controversial remarks regarding illegal immigrants. The comments stated by the candidate are interestingly hypocritical and deceitful, as he claims that immigrants have tainted the infrastructure of our prideful country yet also stating that immigration is “great.” Unsurprisingly, Trump’s provocative comments stirred up controversy as he claimed "rapists" and "killers" are migrating over the United States ' borders, wreaking havoc and stealing American jobs. Within the interview the Republic candidate is recorded stating the following:
I love legal immigration. I love it, I think it 's great. My wife is a legal immigrant!
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In today’s political debates, men like Donald Trump have inappropriately placed a strong emphasis on the illegal immigrants that have crossed the American border without proper documentation and permission. Unfortunately, claims against immigration causes the public to view immigration in a negative light and draws the public’s attention away from the many benefits it provides. Thus, causing America to overlook skilled immigrants and the influential part they play in society. Many researchers are beginning to uncover numerous data and studies to show the beneficial qualities skilled immigrants offer to a country. In a study done by Annalee Saxenian, Dean of information at the University of California, Berkeley states that “immigrants represent 25% of founders of recent public venture-backed companies in the United States.” In large part, this particular group is becoming more prominent due to the fact that many are becoming entrepreneurs, especially in the Silicon Valley. Moreover, the impact skilled immigrants have on employment and economic conditions can briefly be stated through an interesting fact quoted in the documentary Starting- Up. Through a study done by Vivek Wadhwa, colleague of the Stanford Law School, accompanied by Annalee Saxenian and Gary Gereffi, professor of sociology at Duke, it states “Despite the fact that they constitute only 12% of the U.S. population, immigrants have started 52% of Silicon Valley’s technology companies and contributed to more than 25% of our global patents, in addition to also creating numerous job opportunities.” However, despite the fact that there are statistics and factual evidence that shows how immigrants are good for the U.S, many people will attempt to argue and claim that immigrants are detrimental to America. Later in this paper we will see that regardless of the data, there are still numerous

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