The Impact Of Homeschooling On Public Education Essay

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Effectiveness of Homeschooling
The Department of Education in the United States of America is continuously changing public education regulations and homeschooling regulations. Many states have their own regulations for curriculum in homeschooled education lessons and state requirements. Even though the common American citizen suggest that homeschooling lacks the opportunities of socialization skills needed to be successful in life, homeschooling has been proven to be more effective than public schooling through several studies throughout the United States because of specialized curriculum to meet students’ needs, home-schooled children have the tendency to excel academically, and have set a strong foundation for life.
Homeschooling offers specialized curriculum to meet students’ needs academically leading to an acceleration of academic achievements through parental involvement, and state educational regulations. “Homeschoolers learn through a variety of methods, which may include some teaching by the parent, as well as self-directed projects, real-life activities (such as gardening, cooking, sports, volunteer activities, etc.), free play, independent reading, group classes with other homeschoolers, cooperative learning experiences with other families, field trips and outings as a family or with a homeschooling group, and social activities and gatherings.” (Gathercole, Rachel. (2005).p56-63.) The curriculum may vary depending on any outside resources being used such as…

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