The Impact Of Hiv And Aids On South Africa Essay

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The Impact of HIV and AIDS in South Africa
The spread of HIV and AIDS in South Africa is a wide spread epidemic. In South Africa alone there are 6,800,000 known cases of people with the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). The virus is commonly contracted by people in the age range of 15 to 49 years old. More than half (around 3,900,000) of the known cases in South Africa are young women ages 15 and up. There are 340,000 children from infants to age 14 with the virus and sadly 230,000 children are left parentless because their parents die from complications due to the HIV and AIDS viruses. Many factors play a role in the fast and wide spread epidemic of both these viruses. Some of these factors include poverty, prostitution, inequality and social instability, the low status of women, sexual violence, high migration, limited access to medical care, and a history of poor leadership in the response to the epidemic. This epidemic is hurting macroeconomics of South Africa and the entire continent.
Although South Africa is one of the richest Sub-Saharan Africa many poverty stricken South Africans still are in dire need of medical attention. Those South Africans that live in poverty who have been diagnosed or have these viruses die faster than those who have the funds to get care. Most of those that live in poverty not only succumb to the symptoms of the viruses but are likely to be malnourished, in poor health, lacking medical attention and don’t have access to the…

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