The Impact Of Globalization On The Indian Education System Essay

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In this essay I will explore the effect of globalisation on gender disparity in the Indian education system. I consider the gendered role of two women as depicted in the film, “The World Before Her”, examine statistics on gender disparity in the Indian education system, as well argue the health and economic benefits of girls receiving an education. I present an argument that despite some advancement as a result of a global discussion, gender is still a limiting disadvantage in the Indian Social System. Gender roles played in film, “The World Before Her” (2012)
Gender roles in India limit women 's opportunities in both education and employment. The role of women in India is not limited to actions that can only be performed by the female sex. Mary Hawkins draws on Parsons to define gender; “the actors are men and women, and the norms and values are those connected with masculinity and femininity within a given social system” (Hawkins, 2006, p. 129). We cannot definitively state the role of all women in India in a one-size-fits-all sentence. We can however, examine limitations that two women from the film “The World Before Her” (2012) experience and gain a glimpse of the ‘social system’ that exists in India. The first woman we meet in the film is Hindu Nationalist Prachi Trivedi. She feels strongly about protecting Hinduism to the extent where she would give her life to do so. In the film she states, “Egyptians, Romans…they are history now… It’s going to happen with…

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