Outsourcing In Video Game Industry

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As the world is changing and technology is becoming greater, global business is becoming more of a common phenomenon; this is causing globalization to impact the video game industry more than ever. Being an avid gamer and owning, at least, one system from the major brands today, (Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft) it seemed like a fascinating idea to dive into the world of video games and take a look at them from a more business standpoint. From development to gameplay, countries from all around the world are coming together to create a unique product for consumers to enjoy.
Video games are a booming industry that is making the United States roughly 70.4 billion dollars which is double of what the movie industry made in 2013, and that is just
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It’s not challenging to argue when companies such as Electronic Arts laid off roughly twenty-six hundred employees back in 2009. (Bernstein, 2014) While in 2013, thirty-four video game companies announced that they laid off employees with California and Texas seeming to take the greatest hit. (Jones, 2013) Like stated previously, the gaming industry is not an easy one to get into in the first place, and adding the lay-offs just makes the whole thing worse. With statistics like these, it’s easy to see while people complain and hard to understand while people still peruse a degree in game design. On the other end of the spectrum, people tend to think that the idea of outsourcing stealing jobs is over exaggerated. While no one will argue that losing one’s job is never easy, it is estimated that only nine percent of job layoffs are due to outsourcing. (Labor Dept.: Outsourcing Causes 9 Percent of U.S. Layoffs, 2014) Although the numbers seem high for the number of people the industry lays off, in 2005, the industry employees over 32,000 people with a nine percent increase annually. (Benedetti, 2010) That is roughly twelve times the people that Electronic Arts decided to lay off in 2009. There is still hope for those that want to venture fourth in the career of gaming, it just may be a challenge. While to some, outsourcing had affected them in some way, it is not causing as many jobs to be lost as some people

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