How Does Globalization Affect The World Economy

Man-Ling, Bai
Dr. Kate Burlingham
Dec 16, 2016
Globalization and the World Economy Economy globalization was initiated in the early centuries as a way of integrating the world of economists, business and political activities which were focused on coar associated protection (Pollard et al, p. 764). This resulted from the idea of declining international economic integration. This gave birth to several international institutions that were supposed to oversee international trade by removing the barriers to trade. It is thus a process that aimed to be beneficial to all people within a country and in the whole world. However, globalization is nowadays involving many other activities which are multivariate in approach. It involves economics,
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There are so many factors which are thought to affect globalization both in the market and production process. There has been an advancement made by large segments of the world population in this age of globalization. There is good evidence that globalization has led to increased production and also at the same time increased the markets for these goods and services. Let us see some of the factors which are said to have accelerated the production and market globalization (Kawai, 2002, p. 167-204). The modern technologies are one of the factors which are thought to have accelerated production and the global market (Pollard et al, p. 775). In the last two decades of the 20th century, the world has experienced a fundamental change in the perception of the world and one of the reaching transformations has been the economic structural changes on the global scale. The backbone of all these changes is seen to lie on the technological information revolution. The innovation of the new technologies gas made many countries to grow and a good example in this case is e-marketing. E-marketing promotes more personal contact between the

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