Gender Inequality And Gender Gap Analysis

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It is 2016 and gender inequality is still in full effect in the United States. More specifically gender inequality takes a huge role in the workplace, which is where it is mostly seen. Women are treated very unfairly compared to men, they do not receive the same opportunities that they do. It is astonishing how much of a difference it makes whether you are a male or female in the workplace. My thesis is that females are treated differently in the workplace and do not have the same fair chances that males get provided with during their time in their careers.
For one, being a working mother is a very big obstacle that some females have to face. This is why females believe that they cannot advance their status in the workplace, they carry a
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Women are easily stereotyped in general, but in the workplace, it goes to a whole new level. Either women are too bossy, drama queens, to motherly, to harsh etc. the list goes on. “Male leaders are allowed to have complex personalities, women are often summed by stereotypes that emasculate them and their power” (Gourdreau, 2013). It’s not often that men are judged by the way they act, in the contrary, they are worshiped for being the boss man that they are. While on the other hand women are quick to being judged when they “overstep” their boundary. “People view men as more capable leaders, men are rewarded more highly than women – just having a male name is more likely to get you the job” (Player). Women are stuck in a no win situation, if they show too much emotion they will be seen as being delicate and weak, but then if a woman shows no emotion they will be seen as unfeminine, unsympathetic and icy. (Goudreau, 2013). It is unfair that females have to put on an act or have to portray themselves in a different way in order to be accepted in their place of work. Not only do females have to put up with acting differently, they also have to be okay with earning less because of their …show more content…
Not only is there a big gender difference in their income, but also the way they are treated. When the men’s team travels they fly business class while the women’s team fly’s coach. The head coach of the men’s teams’ income was roughly about three million dollars while the women’s head coach earned about one hundred eighty thousand dollars. Keep in mind the women’s national team has won a world cup whereas the men’s team has not. Simply because the women’s team won a world cup they brought in a profit of more than five million dollars compared to the men who lost about one million dollars during their time in the world cup (Schama, 2016). The women of the US national team were fed up with the fact that they were being discriminated while doing the same exact work the men’s team was doing. And actually doing it better. The women’s team brings in much more money and yet they are not rewarded as they should be, and end up earning a lot less. They wanted their voices to be heard and they accomplished just

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