The Impact Of Fast Food On Cultures, Health, And Social Factors

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A Comparison of Fast Food in Three Countries: America, China and Japan


The impact of fast food on cultures, health, and social factors is felt worldwide. In America, in France, in Germany, and any other country on Earth. The three examples that will be discussed are China, Japan, and America. There is no denying that fast food is part of history. The first fast food place came to be in 1921, and this place created a chain reaction of fast food restaurants around the world.

Facts and Diagrams

The way fast food has impacted China is extreme. 1.7 million children under the age of eighteen suffer from diabetes ( Judy Bankman and Elektra Alivisatos, “Western Fast Food Chains Flourish in China, Rates of Obesity and Diabetes Skyrocket” There has been an increase in weight gain in this country. There is also a major health concern in this aspect of daily life. There has been a higher risk of colon, lung, rectal, liver, and breast cancer associated with overconsumption of fast food. Because of the ability to eat at places other than the dinner table, there is a lack of family communication ( by Wu Keyuan).

In the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan), there are McDonald 's almost everywhere. Although America’s idea of greasy fried food and Happy Meals have invaded the minds of children, the meals in Japan are still served with green tea. The world is becoming Americanized in a negative way. Obesity is a…

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