The Impact Of Family On My Education And Experiences Essay

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In this essay I will discuss my definition of family, and how their involvement had an impact on my education and experiences. A child’s education is very important and their family support or lack of family support can impact the way a child learns. The essay will also focus on a family’s involvement as a whole from past years to present. A major American event that affected a family-community- school -relationship will be discussed, and some effective strategies for communicating with parents.
As a child, the definition of family was the people, I grew up with, and loved. I grew up in a blended family, I gained a new father and siblings. These were the people who lived in the house with me, I considered them family. The book Families, Schools, and Communities stats the definition of family is two or more persons living together and linked for emotional and economic support. (Scully, Barbour, & King, 2015). While growing up in this blended family I was blessed to have a strong support group. Education and family involvement was important in my household.
As a child my mother did most of the classroom conferences, field trips, and school meetings. She was also a part of the Parent teacher association (PTA) which involved parents and teacher’s participation for school events and news. I was allowed to join her for most of the teacher conferences. My father worked most of the time, therefore he was not fully involved in school course work or classroom. However, homework…

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