The Impact Of Facebook On Australian Society Essay

1879 Words Oct 15th, 2016 8 Pages
Social media platforms have influenced the way Australians view themselves and communicate; for instance, Facebook promotes social inclusion, but also hinders social skillsets. Facebook is often used in conjunction with smart-phones, which may also alter the way in which Australians observe themselves and others, smart-phones have had a profound impact on communication and behaviour. This century, the increasing use of mobile technologies and social media platforms has impacted on Australian society in a number of ways, this essay will discuss both the beneficial and detrimental effects of Facebook and smart-phones. On the one hand, the personality, identity, and mental health of Australians may be affected by Facebook. The increase in smart-phone use in Australia may be linked to anxiety and addictive behaviours, and a dependence on technology has the potential to negatively impact social skills and professional performance. Conversely, Facebook provides alternative methods of treatment delivery for Australians suffering from anxiety and depression, and is known to provide access to social support. Smart-phones may also be of benefit, as they enable emerging access to internet delivered cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT), and immersive fitness apps to promote physical health, which consequently improves mental health. Overall, the exponential rise in Facebook and smart-phone use has caused behavioural changes in many Australians, such as: reduced inhibitions, technology…

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