The Impact Of Economic Growth On Economics Essay

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1.A. Adam Smith describes how productivity growth in economics can lead to economic growth. Smith being an optimist himself saw that the driving force of capitalism would be self-betterment, a yearn for profit, and the desire to make money. One method to increase productivity was to enhance the division of labor. Organization is one way to enhance the division of labor and thus their productivity of labor. Firms also seek to use capital, mainly in the forms of machinery, to aid in the productivity of their workers. Firms would then have the incentives and resources to continue to add on their productive capital as a way of growing their productivity. There is always room for slight improvement in Smith’s eyes, and as production methods improve and new capital is there to aid the workers, productivity would increase and and the market will grow. From this theory, it shows a constant cycle of expanding growth.

1.B. Karl Marx describes on how capitalism’s competitive race for productivity becomes this self destructed race to the bottom. Suppose, one firm, out of twenty firms, in an industry achieves a technological advancement that reduces the labor-time needed to produce an output by 10%. The firm’s value per output also decreases by 10%, which can lead to the output being sold under the overall market price. The product is sold under the market price easily since it’s value is of production is now lower. Also the lower market price gives this industry an opportunity to…

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