The Impact of Early Education as a Strategy in Countering Socio-Economic Disadvantage

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The impact of early education as a strategy in countering socio-economic disadvantage
Research paper for Ofsted’s ‘Access and achievement in education 2013 review’
Professor Chris Pascal and Professor Tony Bertram UK Research Team: Sean Delaney, Selma Manjee, Marjory Perkins and Manja Plehn International Research Team: Alice Bennett, Carol Nelson, Sarina Razzak and Maureen Saunders Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC)

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There are key questions which need further exploration. How far and in what ways can early education counter socio‐economic disadvantage? What particular aspects of early education are critical in improving educational outcomes for the disadvantaged? How do they operate to counter socio‐economic disadvantage? How might early education programmes adopt these successful strategies? What aspects of early education require more supporting evidence? This review looks particularly at the emerging evidence base in relation to these and other related questions. This review:    Sets out key evidence from the last 10 years on how early education counters socio‐economic disadvantage by enhancing educational outcomes of under achieving groups Draws out the lessons for enhancing early education practice from key national projects and other initiatives, national and international Sets out a range of possible further actions to support sustained improvement in delivering early education in the areas of poorest performance.


The Impact of Early Education as a Strategy in Countering Socio‐ Economic Disadvantage Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction 3 5 7 7 11 12 17

1. What is the extent and nature of the

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