Essay on The Impact Of Drugs And Alcohol On Fetus

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The impact of drugs and alcohol on fetus

Guadalupe Maldonado

Millions of women give birth every year, and nearly a third will have some kind of pregnancy-related complication. For example the children may have down syndrome, pre mature, or haven 't yet well develop its structure of the body. As future mothers, all women should prepare their bodies for a drastic change. By having a healthy diet, well round exercise, and getting a complete checkup for any abnormalities that could cause for a miscarriage or an unhealthy baby. In some cases you may need to change or stop certain medicines- especially during the first trimester (12 weeks) - to reduce risk to the fetus. For example, a women with diabetes must take extra care to keep their glucose in a steady level. Its important to talk to a health care provider of any habits that would increase the pose risk on a baby, such as smoking or drinking alcohol. Which would harm the fetus in any possible way. Unfortunately, many women do consume alcohol while knowing they 're pregnant, in some cases women are not aware they 're not pregnant. Mother’s who abuse their unborn child may have short or long term effects. Short-term withdrawal symptoms from feeding, jitteriness, and diarrhea and could be confirmed with results from drug testing the baby’s urine or stool. More significant long-term are seen on babies who are born with growth failure, or various organ problems. Infants whose mother may of have consume…

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