The Impact Of Divorce And Its Effects On Children

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Velena Clark, 27, in a recent interview, expressed her opinion on divorce and the impact it has on children as well as the divorcee. She states;
“ I believe that divorce is a permanent solution that should also be a last resort in every marriage. Before marriage, question yourself; Is it worth it? Have you put everything into your marriage? Have you made an effort to fix the problems? Have you exorted your resources to repair the relationship? And most importantly, with your children in mind, how will your children handle the situation? In many cases divorce is more than necessary if mental and physical abuse to you or anyone is involved. After the Divorce of my parents, living became tough. My mother moved to America to help provide a foundation for her three children, Farrah, Steve, and myself, so that when we moved overseas, we would have a place to live, food to eat, and a place to sleep. My father on the other hand, never really had anything to do with us, so we were forced to live with my aunt who wasn 't really the fairest person to live with. I did majority of the chores, and cleaning while
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The government, and taxpayers pay large amounts for each divorce. According to, “Each divorce costs taxpayers approximately $25,000-$30,000. Divorce and out-of-wedlock childbearing costs taxpayers at least $112 billion per year in federal and state expenditures. For every $1 in taxpayer funds spent by federal & state governments to build healthy marriages and relationships, another $1,000 is spent dealing with the consequences of broken families.” Divorce can be and is a major hinderance the germination of the economy. The high percentage of divorce rates has always had a negative impact on society. Divorce greatly affects the the divorcee because it can greatly decrease the likelihood of financially growing above the economy and improving the economic

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