The Impact Of Diversity, Multiculturalism, And Globalization

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Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Globalization Paper
Leslie M. Clements
Charles Maida
University of Phoenix Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Globalization Paper Nowadays, the traditional cultures are disappearing since diverse cultures play a critical role in the society. Many people have been experiencing the negative effects of the globalization process. This paper will be focused on the impact of globalization on cultural diversity. First, it is about the concept of multiculturalism which is most adequate concept of culture today. Second, it will be explained about the difference of cultures which are supposed to considered equal by
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However, we should say what culture does, and how does culture do it. There are many cultures as there are many people. Cultures are deployed differently. For example, we know that South Africa is composed of many cultures and those cultures are the product of different people. But this thought needs to understand what culture is and what it does. We all live our lives in terms of definition, names, and categories that culture creates. The definition of culture that is acquired by humans is a significant intellectual achievement (Hanser and Gamila, 2015). I could say that it is the best notion as a resource like other resources, such as, energy, food, air, etc. From all what I have read, cultures refer to: firstly, the ways and results of the human interaction. Secondly, the common form of life of a national community. Thirdly, a boarder international form of life is accommodated and towards which they contribute. Fourthly, culture could also refer to the form of life and history, language, etc. An understanding of culture is not simply knowledge of differences, but rather than an understanding of how and why differences in language, history, etc. We use the term “cultural diversity” to refer to a concept whereby the history, beliefs, behavior, language, traditions, and values of racial and/or ethnic groups are what make them distinct (Hanser and Gamila, 2015). Thus, cultural diversity includes a variety of features specific to a given group of people. The sum total of these differences is what specifically identifies individuals who belong to a specific group. Hanser and Gomila (2015) stated that racial diversity is a term that describes the existence of numerous racial groups within a given

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