Essay about The Impact Of Digital Technology On Modern Society

1187 Words Mar 30th, 2016 5 Pages
In recent years, the using of digital technology is gaining the popularization in not only people’s life, but also affect heavily on the Artists and Designers’ operative career. No doubt that the numerical technology invades in a human’s world frequently whiles the culture developing, and almost everyone relies on the Internet or their digital devices. Therefore, people are always concerned about whether the technology helps or destroys. From the Artists and Designers’ point of view, creativity is the major selling point of an Artist or Designer; their whole career is depending on it. On the other hand, creativity is something that people can gain by themselves, but also very easy to just take from the peers. In consequence, Graphic designers in the modern society are always concerned about the relationship between creativity and digital technology, whether they can gain the benefit from using them or the inferior. Using digital technology in the graphic design region has both disadvantages and advantages, but overall the benefits of using it get the higher percentage, and led people to the mainstream. In this essay, here will analyze that the increasing use of digital technology has had a positive impact upon creativity rather than negative.

To begin with, for the current Graphic Designers, one major advantage of using the digital technology is the conveniences and the efficiencies that the software brings. Except the creation, using the digital software in a designer’s…

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