The Impact Of Digital Media On The Communication Gap Between Family And Friends

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Digital media and technology is one of the fastest growing concepts in the world. It has made a considerable transformation in how we communicate and grasp information. It covers the entire array from traditional mass-media engaged in basic information dissemination to social media whose defining characteristic is the potential to facilitate engagement-the interactive, simultaneous communication and collaboration among numerous participants via technology.
I adopted the digital world late in life but have managed to achieve a level of competency that allows me to embrace new technologies with a measure of ease and confidence. On the personal front digital technology has helped bridge the communication gap between family and friends that comes from physical distance. It is also an easy tool for access to varied information necessary for a fulfilling life.
I teach at McMaster University where pedagogies are being re-thought as learning how to learn has become vital in inquiry learning and problem solving. As an example, several of our courses have adopted the trend towards the “flipped classroom” where “fact learning” is relegated to independent work on the part of the learners and frequently accessed electronically. In these classes the lecture-style of transmission learning is eliminated, and classrooms have become hives of activity, exploration, application, discussion, reflection, and collaboration. There is no doubt that technology has helped to facilitate this, and to…

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