Social Roles

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In this essay I will explain how culture, media and Parkinson’s disease can influence human behaviour. I will also analyse why social roles play important role in our life.

One of the social factors that influence not only behaviour but also way of thinking of individuals and whole societies are media.
Debate about impact of media on individuals has started with publications of the first books and is continuing along with development of media.
Media can have positive impact on individuals as easily accessible source of entertainment and information’s what allows us to develop knowledge on variety of topics as well as it is the first source of information’s about what is happening not only in our society but on whole world. On the other
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Social roles can be explained as patterns of behaviour that is expected from us by the society (=social norms). Despite of the fact that we share roles with others e.g. student, each role will be played differently due to difference in personalities.
Stanford Prison Experiment is a perfect example of how our roles influence our behaviour. During this experiment participants started to behave in way that they believe that is expected from them. One of the participants during the interview has admitted that he modelled the behaviour of one of the guards from of the movies he saw. Even parents of participants who were visiting them like in real prison complied with ‘prison rules’ (Zimbardo, 2014).
Social roles are important as those gives us clear guidance on how to behave and gives every person ‘place’ in society. Those along with culture are what freed us from dependence on genetically and instinctual responses to the environment. On the other hand we might model our behaviour not because we find it right to behave in such way but to meet expectations of society what excludes our free will. Social roles do not live us confused about what to do in different situations as it gives a clear unwritten guidance but isn’t it a foundation for

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