The Impact Of Credit Limit On Agriculture Essay

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The credit limit in Agriculture has not contributed to the decrease for the year 2014. As we can see that though credit limit decreased in Indirect Finance, it increased in Direct Finance.
Also, there was a sudden rise for the year 2013, which was continued in the subsequent years.

• Industry
The industry includes Mining & Quarrying, transport operations, food industry, professional and other services like recreational activities, IT and tele communications and many more.
There was a drastic decrease in the credit limit from 2013 to 2014. It reduced by approximately 40 %. The drastic fall in 2012 was discontinued with. The credit limit for 2014 was decreased beyond the levels of 2012. It was increased again in 2015 but not to the extent of the previous years.

• Mining & Quarrying
Specifically, in industries, for mining industry the credit limit decreased by approximately 35% during the year 2014.

Initially the credit limit decreased drastically in 2012. Then it was increased in 2013 by approximately 64%.

• Professional and other services

• Tourism Hotel and Restaurants
The fall for 2014 was more than 82% particularly in this industry. It has been in the decreasing trend from 2012 to 2015.

• Recreational services
Though there was a decrease of approx. 28 % in recreational services’ credit limit, the overall percentage of credit limit for recreational services was very less. Hence, it’s contribution in the…

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