The Impact Of Consumer Behavior On Consumer Behaviour Essay examples

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“We want what we can’t have, because commodity makes us want it” – Macklemore
When one think of consumption, they would likely think of the oxford dictionary’s definition of “The action of using up a resource” or “The action of eating or drinking”. For me and most of the world, we seem to accept this without delving any further into the bigger picture. In this reflexion, I will be seeking a deeper understanding on what in fact consumption is, and how along with consumer behaviour this has affected my life for better or for the worse. Throughout I will also be looking into how the well-being of the consumer has been improved or hindered due to their consumption. It has been known and observed for a long time that individuals care about their social status, and tend to over-consume so as to "impress" their neighbours (Bagwell and Bernheim, 1996), and because of this people would rather be in debt and have more social status. But how do they have status? By what we own and what we can show off to the world. Status can be defined as “The relative social or professional standing”. The key world being “relative” it’s all about context and surrounding. What people show off to their neighbours I believe, has moved past the age of “Being like the Jones” but have now moved into an age of superficial happiness only attainable by having the most expensive this and most pristine that.
It would be lying to say I don’t fall into this category, this social norm of overconsumption and…

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