The Impact Of Computers On The World War II Essay

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Ever since World War II, computers have been increasing in importance in perspective to war. The nation with the stronger computer tends to win the war, or at very least have the advantage in the war. Starting in World War II computers became prominent thanks to the advancements made by the British and in specific, Alan Turing. Over years military grade computers have greatly improved from what they were in the time of The Colossus to the computers simulations of the Cold War to the drone based militaries present today in the United States. The invention and development of the computer has been the largest change in war in history as it has completely changed how war was fought. Prior to the invention of the computer war was fought with numbers, weapons, and leadership. In order to win a war a militant group would have to be superior in at least one of those three categories. This has changed drastically as although numbers and leadership are important to assisting in winning a war, it can be won just as easily if the militant group had the stronger weapons. Technology in a sense is one of these weapons, as it is developed it becomes more and more involved in the war. Alan Turing (1912-1954) was the British 's lead in building and programming The Colossus (A Mathematician, 223). Although Turing 's computational prowess and creativity are what he is most well known for now, Turing was most well known during the war for his involvement in the Bletchley Park Project where…

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