The Impact Of Communication On The Development Of Cultures And More Specifically Effective Communication

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Throughout history, communication has played a significant role in the development of cultures and more specifically effective communication. Effective communication facilitates people to understand each other, breaks down language and cultural barriers, and builds trust and respect for one another. Today people have evolved, so as the way they communicate. We can trace the first form of communication to cave paintings around 130,000 B.C.E. The theory is that the arts informed everyone what was safe to eat. Another significant change in communication came in the form of handwritten documents. Then in 1448, Gutenberg invented the printing press with the ability to mass produced and distribute newspapers and books to a larger audience at a faster rate. The creation of the post office was significant because it allowed people to stay in contact with one another. Next came the telegraph and now it was not necessary to go to the post office and have a delay in delivery. The telegraph was much more efficient than the post office. In 1876, Alexander Bell invented the telephone that we currently use although today it is mainly used in businesses as the world has transitioned to the cell phone. The telephone was a significant progress because one could talk with someone, and the communication was instantaneous. Another major revolution came in the shape of the radio, which facilitated the broadcast of news and entertainment. The invention of the…

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