The Impact Of Common Core Standards On The Nation 's Education System

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Review of Relevant Research As stated earlier Common Core was implemented in 2009 and is a set of standards that will hopefully improve the nation 's education system. Since it has been implemented in 2009, “forty-five states have adopted the standards, yet two states have withdrawn their support” (Burks). There is a lot of uneasiness on how the new standards will turn out, this is shown in an article produced in 2013 that claimed that, “even the most vocal supporters admit they cannot guarantee the standards will succeed” (Elliot). Yet another article has noted that, “79% of teachers agreed that enhancing public education quality was important, and 50% noted that some change in education is needed”, which shows that the change is needed but some teachers are still unsure (Burks).
The controversy between whether Common Core is beneficial or not is a tough decision because both have many pros and cons with the reasonings, but through research there seems to be better overall positives for the Common Core standards. In a recent article Dr. Brooke A. Burks stated, “Both those who support and oppose the Common Core Standards generally agree with the main objective: prepare students to compete in the ever-changing job market and global economy”, proving that all in all, Common Core is a beneficial plan (Burks). There seem to be three central goals of The Common Core Standards; prepare students for college or other jobs, help develop critical thinking, and having an equal,…

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