The Impact Of Cloud Computing On Business

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The news paper article in question is the one in today 's wall street journal, where china and united states have put pen to paper and signed an IT and trade agreement which paves the way for the reduction of tariffs globally on high-tech goods and signals the start of a new phase in the bilateral trade relationship between the two largest economies in the world. The deal announced by US President Barack Obama broke a deadlock of months in negotiations over updating the World Trade Organization’s 1996 Information Technology Agreement to include products such as video game consoles and next-generation semiconductors. The agreement on IT goods illustrates another side of the relationship, however. Even as they circle each other strategically, the US and China appear eager to find ways to co-operate on deals with potentially quicker impact for business. This deal is viewed to have timely and has eased the tensions between these two countries.
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Social media provides an opportunity for businesses to use word of mouth in marketing their product keeping them in touch with their customers. On the hand the impact of cloud computing is transformative in nature and is creating new business opportunities as companies are finding new ways of increasing their revenues. Cloud computing is breaking down barriers in the supply chain and coming up with more innovative ways of linking clients and suppliers. It is also facilitates cost reduction in information technology and other departments within the business. Its impact is evident in the areas of human resource and information and communication technology

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