Essay On The European Conquest Of The Americas

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The Europeans first developed ships and other maritime technology in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries. Using these ships, they were able to conquer distant lands and establish fortified trading outposts. All this helped helped bring in the money needed to finance further exploration and conquests. The wealth also helped bring Europe more power than it has ever seen before. Their invasions in the Americas caused a great deal of change though. All the European microbes, plants, colonists, livestock took their toll and left the Americas more like Europe.
Before their conquest of the Americas, people in Europe felt inferior than the Muslims, who had much more wealth and power. When they tried to fight, it usually ended up in defeat, like when they failed to capture Jerusalem. The Europeans wanted to find trade routes that bypassed trade collectors because they believed that was the source of Muslims’ wealth. When the printing press was invented, it further encouraged Europeans to travel to the Far East. They wanted the manpower and wealth in the Far East to help them against Islam.
The Iberians in particular, were looking to expand. In order to do this, they developed new ships, cannons,
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They eventually arrived at Benin, where they at first did hit and run raids. A commercial treaty between African rulers and the Portuguese came to be because the Africans t resisted well to the raids. The Portuguese were also allowed to build forts along the coast, which were used to deter European rival ships. They also wanted to settle on the Atlantic islands. The Canaries was the only island that contained people. The natives were called the Guanche. The Iberians then took the poorly armed Guanche as slaves. They then justified this by stating that since they are not Christian and wouldn 't convert, slavery would save their souls from

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