The Impact Of Christianity On Christianity And Christianity Essay

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The Impact of Christianity
Healings are said to be things of the past and from the Apostles, but I’m proof that’s not true. Many people hold on to Christianity as just a simple belief, they say it does nothing but give people hope. That statement holds me captivated, because I look at my life and see how I’ve been impacted by Christianity. For me, Christianity is not simply hope, but a part of my life! The effects of Christianity, physically and emotionally, have benefited my life. When I was born I had Spinabifida, a five millimeter hole I my heart, and I was deaf. This devastated my mother, because she wanted to all she could for me, but there was physically nothing she could do. About two months after that, my mom was walking along her street, in front of a friend’s house. This friend was holding a house church inside and when they saw her they rushed outside to us. She was holding me in her arms crying. They asked if they could pray for us and she nodded. All of these random Christians started praying for me, in the name of Jesus, to be healed. After a few minutes my mother saw my back straightening in front of her eyes and when she said my name I looked up at her. Everyone was ecstatic because there was no way scientifically to explain what had happened.
Several years later, I was out playing soccer. In the middle of the soccer game I collapsed, gasping for air. Immediately I was rushed to the emergency room, while there we found out the hole in my heart hadn’t…

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