The Impact Of Children's Communication Skills And Technology

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Sulenny Villa
Dr. Berube/Ms. Edale/Mrs. Keyes
8 April, 2015

Childrens Communication Skills and Technology Is technology depriving children’s communication skills? Technology is advancing and prospering at a fast pace. It may look like doing anything without technology is impossible. Technology has changed the way people live their lives. There seems to be a big issue with technology and families, but young children in the families are the ones being affected the most. Technology and generations correlate with each other in the sense of technology having an effect on generations. Technology is;= affecting children’s communication skills at a young age and it is carried on into the future. Technology can help children develop academically,
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However, despite this fact technology can also help children develop academically. Many schools are using technology to their advantage and are using it to help children learn. In schools children are learning math, writing, spelling, science, history, and ect. with computers. Using the computer they can learn much more than before. Technology is also used in school to help expand vocabulary. Weinstein states “Parents have to help their children become responsible and judicious online citizens.” (Weinstein). Keeping away children from technology is not the key, but helping them understand the dangers of it and how to be cautious towards how they use it is proper. Teaching children how to use technology for educational purposes will keep them from wanting to overuse it. A fixed time to use the internet is advised. Mayberry states “People can have the most crafted and thought-out resume, but if they cannot verbally express to your overseer what your vision, goals, and plans are then they will not consider you.” (Mayberry). Communication skills will be the main focus on an interview. Most likely people will not get the job if they are responding to questions with ummm, yeah, yes, no, or nodding of the head. For an employer to know if someone is interested in the job they will have to communicate well. Being able to express in detail why the job is wanted is essential. Ritchell states “Students …show more content…
Gurney-Read states “There is a worry that the lack of socializing could affect a child’s behavior and ability to interact into adulthood as a result of using technology.” (Gurney-Read). When exposed to technology children can become antisocial. Usually children use technology for entertainment and not educational purposes. Once they take a liking to playing online games, watching videos online, listening to music, and etc. they will not want to disconnect. Slowly technology will take up all their time and socializing will not exist. Stevens states “I fear, they grow up in a world of bosses, friends, and spouses who stare at their phones and complain all day.” (Steven). Becoming drawn into technology is a big issue in young children since they are surrounded by it. Many jobs require good communication skills. Most jobs if not all will not accept people to be on the phone or any device unless if it is part of the job. Texting, calling, and surfing the web is not appropriate for work. Satell states “Schools do not teach communication. They teach math, (not very well), some science, history and English.” (Satell). Communications should be something that all students should be taught. The most important skill to have for any career that is pursued is communication skills. All school subjects will help career wise, but communications should be

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