The Role Of Child Abuse In Education

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Child abuse is a morally reprehensible act that is pervasive throughout the entire student body. Moreover, students of all backgrounds are impacted by this social issue. As a result of this, educators are going to have to confront this odious dilemma during their tenure as an educator. Therefore it is absolutely imperative for an instructor to be cognizant of the signs of child abuse as well as their legal and ethical obligations in reporting such acts. Unfortunately, far too many educators are not aware of their legal and moral duties as a teacher to be able to properly support this vulnerable population. An example of this form negligence is highlighted by Ellen Norton in her interactions with Becky and Abby. Above all, Ms. Norton has demonstrated …show more content…
There is nothing wrong with assisting students, but teachers cannot allow for the relationship between their students and them to become too close. Additionally, the boundaries between an educator and a student need to be clearly defined. Teachers cannot fill the void of a parent, or caregiver. But that doesn’t mean we cannot help our students, and ensure that our students are protected from the evils of child abuse and neglect. However, Ellen does not heed this advice. On the contrary, Ellen cares more about her self-image and popularity with her pupils. Not to mention that she sees no need to maintain professional decorum with her students. For this reason, Abby misinterpreted her relationship with Ellen, and she developed an unhealthy dependency. Admittedly this is very disconcerting, and Abby shows signs of neglect and an unwillingness to go home to her parents. Subsequently, she views Ellen as one of the very few positive adult figures in her life. And yet Ellen views Abby as nothing more than an “oppressive” nuisance and leech. Moreover, the question should not be “What is it this child wants from me?” Rather, Abby’s behavior is very disquieting, and she is purposely failing the course so she can continue to interact with Ms. Norton. Clearly, Abby is a student who is in dire need of intervention, and she might be a victim of neglect or …show more content…
One of the most important characteristics to possess to avoid missing cases of child abuse and neglect is vigilance and knowledge of the law. By knowing my legal and ethical responsibilities in addition to understanding the signs of child abuse I can effectively assist victims. There is no appropriate excuse for being negligent and ignorant of my obligations. If a new teacher does not know their legal responsibilities then they need to learn them right away, and they also must seek out the resources that are available so that they are aware of the signs of child abuse and how to properly help victims. Moreover, a teacher cannot be too personally involved in a student’s home life. We are not the student’s parents, or caregivers. Our role is to educate our pupils, and help them become responsible citizens. That does not mean we cannot assist our students when they are in need it just means maintaining a proper balance so that an emotional dependency does not develop. Our mission to help our pupils, and that means more than just being popular with the students. If we are not vigilant and knowledgeable in this area we will miss cases of child abuse, and our students will suffer as a result of neglect and

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