The Impact Of Charlemagne On Christianity Essay

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The Impact of Charlemagne on Christianity in the Carolingian Period

The Carolingian period was forefronted by a great renaissance, which brought about much change in the medieval world. One of these changes was the major reshaping of Christianity. Religion played a big part in the lives of the medieval people, so it is only natural that many great leaders of the time played an important role in impacting Christianity. Three of these great leaders include Balthild, Saint Benedict, and Charlemagne, with Charlemagne chief among them. While Balthild and Saint Benedict contributed much to the reshaping of Christianity, it was Charlemagne the Great who had the biggest and most long-standing impact of the three.

Charlemagne did not get the title ‘Charlemagne the Great’ because he was idle; by today’s standards he was a good king, but by medieval standards of kingship, he was truly great. In his reign, he accomplished many things as king, which drew the awe and gratitude of those around him. As Einhard wrote, “Could I keep silent about the splendid and and exceedingly brilliant deeds of a man who had been so kind to me and could I allow his life to remain without record and proper praise, as if he had never lived?” Einhard was just one of many who would find themselves indebted to Charlemagne, and impressed by the decisions he made as a ruler. Some of these decisions included the reform of many facets that affected the lives of the medieval people, and one of the most important…

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