Essay about The Impact Of Change On The Business Environment

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On the face of the changes in the business environment, it has become significantly important to address changes in environment which takes place on daily basis. There are various factors which are becoming dynamic with the passage of time. These changes impact individual person from the internal as well external perspective. This paper will highlight impact towards environment from individual life style and actions which lead to correct or incorrect result from environmental damage (Messner, 2009).
There are four members in my house which includes my father, mother and my younger sister. Husband runs a business of distribution of FMCG in a specific region. Wife is a post graduate and operates a boutique in a shopping mall. Daughter is currently studying business management and plans to join her mother as soon as she completes her graduation. Consider this family a normal family which is living in a quite similar way as compared to other average household families. In order to analyse impact towards environment, daily actions of each individual is analysed on by one.
Analysis begins with father, who is more than 50 years old and wakes up at 8 o clock in the morning. Father does not perform any work out but rather spend time in garden. In the light of individual daily routine date was gathered to find out the extent to which right actions were performed in comparison to incorrect actions. Diagram above indicates analysis of father`s routine for one week. It indicates…

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