The Impact Of Cartoons Have A Negative Impact On Children

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The Impact of Cartoons on Children
Cartoons are the most popular entertainment for children. Currently there are plenty of TV channels that broadcast different cartoons for children non-stop. Children have grown much more interested in cartoons in recent years and it has become the main way for them to make their time pass. Mostly children begin watching cartoons on television at an early age and then they become enthusiastic viewers.
Who can forget watching Looney Tunes or Tom and Jerry on mornings? Cartoons have changed drastically over the years but have their lasting effects on children. This has become a problem because too many children around the world are becoming addictive to television and the shows that have been watching have become
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However none of them actually knows that the other is doing the same thing to him. This is a really dangerous scene and it quiet not funny.
Now there are several points of view regarding the effects of cartoons on children:
One point of view is that cartoons help kids face the real life and it makes them aware of what they are going to witness, so basically it makes them prepared for what’s going to happen.
Another point of view is that cartoons can affect the behavior of a child in an aggressive way.
While parents think that cartoons do have a negative impact on children because they would be doing the same thing they saw on the television’s program in real life.
However, ACCM's Jane Roberts says it’s all balance.
Parents must not be pressured into thinking they have to allow their children to have the latest game console, play the latest computer game or watch the latest movie release, afraid the kids will miss out on important developmental opportunities.
The Negative Impact of Cartoon on Children:
Children might imitate what they have seen on TV and start applying it in the real world.
Shows like Tom and Jerry might teach them how to handle things in a

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