Essay about The Impact Of Brands On Body Image

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The impact of brands on body image
Discuss the ways in which the idea of ‘Body Image’ is created through advertising and brand promotion. How is this reinforced by celebrity promotion? What potential damage can be done by certain Body Image prototypes? Are there examples of positive body image in advertising and branding?

The area of research will be focussing on is an issue which has plagued the fashion conscious world for decades. The issue of body image, especially on women, and the impact advertising has on the minds of present day generation and generations before them had been in the shadows for years. We can define body image as something which is “generally understood as a mental image of the body as it appears to others” (Featherstone, 2010) meaning the perception we and others have of ourselves is our body image. Susie Orbach states in her book ‘Fat is a Feminist Issue’ “bodies today has almost come to define the way our lives can be lived”. (Orbach, 2006, p.7) In recent years the topic has become more discussed and research has been carried out into how it is impacting on people’s health and wellbeing. It is an area which reflects a personal duty to highlight the topic through first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a woman in the 21st century with the expectation to look a certain way. One of the key texts that will be used amongst many others is a book called Bodies by Susie Orbach. She states in her book that “there is a subtle tracery of outside…

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