The Impact Of Bloomington Homecoming During My Time At Iu Bloomington It Was Homecoming Weekend From Nov

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Bloomington Homecoming During my time in IU Bloomington it was homecoming weekend from Oct. 14-16th and it was supposed to be lit. Bloomington was a small city outside of Indianapolis, IN. I had made one mistake by inviting my obnoxious, irritating, unfriendly, friend Dasia to Bloomington with me. Dasia is about five feet and six inches tall. She is like a shade darker than caramel. Dasia has a massive head and does not even use it. I went to high school with Dasia and we played on the basketball teams together. I knew Dasia was going be a problem for me as soon as I headed to the highway. Going about 80 miles per hour down the dark black road 37, she started with her annoying nagging and complaining about nothing. Before we even left from Jayde’s house I asked everyone “Do we need to make any final stops before we hit the road”? Of course, everyone replied to me with a no, not more than five minutes later hear comes Dasia saying go to a gas station. I was just approaching the highway at that time, but me being a warmhearted person went out of my way to a gas station. Finally, hitting the highway ten long terribly slow minutes later. After being on the road for about twenty minutes, I keep hearing Dasia nag over my amazing hype and wild loud music. Jayde was playing this song called Tiimmy Turner by Desiigner. She was talking about how cold, she is but she is the one with her window down. I immediately told Dasia that “This is not going to be a weekend where you irk my…

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