The Impact Of Black Psychologists On America And Chapter 8 Francis Cecil Sumner, My Perspective On Life Has Changed

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After reading the chapters 7 Production of Black Psychologists in America and chapter 8 Francis Cecil Sumner, my perspective on life has changed. In the graduate work at Howard University was outside the ordinary. Howard University had two courses designed to enable students to pass the language exams in order to get into graduate school. Schools may vary on languages taught in school; however, I believe it is important to be fluent in another language other than English. It is important to know more than one language, especially in America. America has many different languages, and currently there are cultural clashes because people often times do not how to react towards other people that are not like them. Today, there are many cultural clashes for a variety of different reasons. At Howard University, the languages were German and French, whereas today most schools often Spanish. In other countries, people are expected to know English at such a young age, but yet America is lacking with children that only speak English. I am an example of a typical American that only knows English. I believe there are cultural clashes especially in the United States of America because people do want to be unique, but yet there is a norm set in place that makes people not unique. There are many cultures coming together, and the difference between all cultures is fascinating. I have taken multiple Spanish classes, but I do not speak Spanish fluently. This proved that the students at Howard…

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