The Impact Of Biodiversity On An Ecosystem As Shown By The Gray Wolf Extirpation And Reintroduction Yellowstone Park

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An analysis on the importance of biodiversity in an ecosystem as shown by the gray wolf extirpation and reintroduction in Yellowstone Park

The extirpation of the grey wolf (Canis lupus) in Yellowstone Pak is a prime example of the impact of biodiversity loss, specifically a keystone species, on a terrestrial ecosystem.
Biodiversity can be explained by breaking down the two words combined to form the word. Bio is a Greek word used as a prefix meaning life. Diversity can be used in many disciplines to identify the number of variety of species of a particular subject. Typically, in Science, as noted by Perring et al., there are usually three levels used to measure diversity. The individual level, the species level, and the community level. For example, in the Boreal forest, the individual level could be a specific type of bird with identical genetic coding such as a Robin (Turdus migratorius). The species level could be other birds in the same family. It is important to note that species can have different meanings depending on the speaker. Hunter 2006 speaks to this topic stating that in defining species it is important to look past two individuals that can sexually reproduce. He goes on to state that there is an importance in defining species correctly in conservation because this may lead to the protection of some individuals once they are labelled as endangered species. Despite the lack of a universal definition for species an example of a species in the Boreal Forest…

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