Essay The Impact Of Big Data On The Human Resource Department

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Presence of big data is a very common phenomenon now days, specially when talking about medium to large size corporation. The term Big Data is often described as vast numbers of data that can be traced, validated, gathered, cached, reengineered, interpreted and also studied. (Manyika, 2011) To clarify they suggested that big data refers to data, whose size makes it impossible to be processed by the typical software used for database management. Also researchers defined big data in terms of its characteristics of high volume, high velocity and high variety (Gartner, 2012) By volume, the researcher referred to the size of the data, by velocity he referred to the speed of which the data is created and by variety he referred to the range of types of data. In addition, whenever we are talking about big data management in the context of human resource, we have to focus on the data that is collected and analyzed from the day-to-day activity of the human resource department over years with the intention of future use in managing the people of the organization. Everyday the human resource department of the organization comes across a wide range of data, applicant profiles and analytics. However, utilizing the traditional information in the traditional process, it is hard for the department to forecast the trend of the applicant evolution, their behavioral pattern and future intention adequately (Zang & Ye, 2015).
Additionally, Welbourne in his research stated that data management is…

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