The Impact Of Austrian Architect, Adolf Loos Essay

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It is not often that words written or spoken long ago can still resonate today. However, like the ripples of a pebble thrown in a pond minutes ago, the world still feels the impact of Austrian architect, Adolf Loos.

Loos was a man of intense opinions and a reflecting portfolio. The blunt forms of his buildings were in tune with the tones of his writings and opinions on architecture. He saw architecture as a movement and progression that was beyond any one man’s ability to change. Furthermore, he waged war against those who tried, insisting that a change to tradition is only permissible if it constituted an improvement.

He was European in every sense of the word, living throughout the continent at various points his life. However, Vienna was always home.

In his lifetime, Loos was an architect, an interior designer, a critic, a writer, an educator, and a politician. Architecture presented many opportunities to him and afforded him the chance to make a difference wherever he was.

The argument could be made that Loos was born too soon. While his opinions or ornamentation, the role of an architect, or the evolution of styles and forms were greeted with skepticism and bewilderment during his time, they would resonate pleasantly with a lot of contemporary thought and styles.

Above all, Adolf Loos was the first truly modern architect. He believed in well crafted buildings that effectively fulfilled and conveyed their function.
Adolf Loos was born on December 10, 1870, in…

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