The Impact Of Atlantic Slave Trade On Africa And Europe Essay

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In order to contrast the impact The Atlantic Slave Trade had in Africa and Europe, one must first learn how and why the trade began. The Atlantic Slave Trade is the exchange of African slaves for European slaves, as well as manufactured goods. In return for slaves, Africans traders wanted European and Indian textiles, cowrie shells, metal goods, firearms, alcohol, and decorative figures. This trade is the most profound endurance of human consequences than any other commercial tie. “Between 1500 and 1866, this trade in human beings took an estimated 12.5 million people from African societies.” Of those 12.5 million people, 14.4 percent (1.8 million) died during the slave transportation. The Atlantic Slave Trade began in Africa in small societies, where slavery was accepted as a normal human practice. This establishment was influenced by the Americas, where slave trade presented the continuation of owning and selling slaves. “The Atlantic slave trade and slavery in the Americas represented the most large-scale expression of a very widespread human practice.” Even though slavery brought a negative effect on the economy, the idea of the slave trade was not a new practice to Africa. African societies practiced maintaining and selling slaves into commercial networks. The slaves in Africa were treated with respect as if they were members of the family; any cruel or repulsive treatment to the slaves was refrained from. The slaves were taught to read and write, and were…

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