How Do Artists Influence Social Change

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Artists will try to define new art movements to be individual and to inspire a new trend. They want to be the inspiration to other artists and form new paths for people to express themselves. Also if they begin a new trend and become famous they can earn a big profit off of their work. People want to connect with art so art has to evolve and change to fit current things with what is going on in current day times.

I believe that artist can have real political impacts on social change. Artists like Banksy and Ai Weiwei are good examples of artists who have brought attention to topics that aren’t easily talked about. Art can bring about awareness to current issues and portray them in different ways to the audience from how else they might be learning about the current issues. This can lead the audience to viewing the current issue from a different perspective and might open their eyes to more about the issue.

In my screen printed poster that I created I hand drew two kids separated by a fence. On one side of the fence there is a kid standing tall with a bad of money, and on the other side there is a kid sitting hunched over with a few coins and a dollar bill. My caption for my propaganda poster
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This all changed when I moved to America, as I grew up, I realized the were a lot of differences between the two countries. In Denmark security is valued over choice. My friends know their education and retirement are provided for by the government, but they have fewer choices and follow a set path for this security. In America Taking risks by challenging the path, being different, or standing out is the ‘norm’ and what people want and need to do to be successful. I can say that I have been very lucky to experience both of these cultures but it has also contributed to my frustrations. These frustrations were inspiration for the propaganda poster and what I wanted to focus on the

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