The Impact of Alcohol Sponsorship of Sporting Events on Consumption of Alcohol Amongst High School Students: a Research Proposal

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Research Problem
This research project is designed to determine the effects on the perceptions of alcohol amongst Australian high school students caused by alcohol sponsorship of sporting teams and events.

The aims of this research are to determine:
• How young Australians perceive alcohol and what effects sport sponsorship has on these perceptions
• Attitudes towards alcohol consumption and how these are effected by sport sponsorship

While research has been conducted internationally there is no Australian research examining this issue within the Australian society. This research establishes the connection between alcohol sponsorship of Australian sporting events and the perceptions and attitudes held by
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This was supported by Smart (1988), who found that advertising bans had little impact on overall sale of alcohol and alcohol advertising expenditures have no effect ib total alcohol sales. Despite much objection to the contradiction of alcohol sponsoring sporting events; event organisers and sporting organizations are strongly opposed to letting go ofone of the major product categories associated with sports sponsorship. It is estimated that alcohol companies account for nearly 10% of total sports sponsorship in Australia; in excess of $50 million per annum (Jones, 2010). Sporting organizations also suggest that without the funding provided by alcohol sponsorships many community programs would suffer, having an overall negative effect on communities (McDaniel & Mason, 1999).
There are numerous noted differences between alcohol and tobacco products; specifically that alcohol is not harmful in moderation (Sheehan, 1989), total advertising bans do not exist for alcohol companies as they do for tobacco (Jones, 2010)and that society finds alcohol companies more palatable than tobacco companies as sponsors (McDaniel & Mason, 1999). Despite this, many groups are calling for bans to be placed on alcohol sponsorships similar to those placed on tobacco companies in the 1980’s and

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