The Impact Of Advancements On Technology During The Two World Wars

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Explain the impact of advancements in technology during the Two World Wars

Significant advancements in technology within the 21 years between the two world wars changed the nature of warfare. This evolution of technology is driven by war due to the need of specialised tools on the battlefield and was continually improved for the maintenance of competitive edge over competitors. World War One can be historically defined as a slow moving war where defensive methods heavily outweighed offensive methods with trenches, bunkers and machine guns being far superior to artillery and infantry running while defended by a thin layer of uniform made out of cotton. Weapons or advancements in technology between the two world wars can be specifically witnessed through the use of Aircraft warfare, tank warfare and communications in war. Through these significant advancements we observe Word War Two as being faster paced, more offensive and the world’s first total war, this being as nations would use land, air and naval warfare to completely destroy nations in short periods of time, this is further seen through the fall of Scandinavia by the use of the Blitzkrieg offensive war strategy.

Military aviation had quickly established itself as a crucial component of modern warfare and can be defined as the intentional use of specialty aircrafts to enable areal warfare and to provide support to forces in a setting of war. The development can be seen through general and specific examples in war,…

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