The Impact Of A Cybersecurity Policy On The Safety Of An Organization

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A cybersecurity policy is critical to the safety of an organization. A policy establishes guidelines for an organization, and makes expectations clear for every employee of the organization. It is important that these guidelines are clear, and concise. This helps and end user understand what is expected out of them, and what they should expect from their IT security department. When building a cybersecurity policy one must keep in mind any potential situations and address them in the policy (Easttom, 2012). This helps build a strong and secure network that protects the information an organization has access to.
Building a Successful Cybersecurity Policy To build a successful cybersecurity policy an organization must address all potential situations that may occur (Easttom, 2012). While to an IT security personnel it may seem like commonsense, it may not be for the end user (Easttom, 2012). Therefore, all potential situations needs to be addressed, and explained in a clear and concise way. Further, a successful security policy will cover every aspect of an organization. This includes all of the electronic information and data an organization has access to (“The IT Security Policy Guide”, n.d., pg. 3). A successful security policy will be accurate and will correctly show the organizations security posture (“The IT Security Policy Guide”, n.d., pg. 10). Further, a successful security policy will provide obtainable security goals (“The IT Security Policy Guide”,…

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