The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks Essay

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During the mid 16th century, discrimination and social partition were known to a part of the common society. The book, The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks, illustrates the life of a lady in that era, where she is strong and intelligent. She is one hero to discover new medicines and information for epidemics, like polio and virology, with her cells. However, her help in medical history is and still remains unnoticed by the majority due to their past history of discrimination and racism in the society. This is the main factor that caused the "theft" of Henrietta Lack 's cells: since she was a female of color during the era of intense racism, she was just for use in medicine without concern and care. Therefore, the incredible accomplishments made by Lacks and her family were secluded by the medical findings by the white community. Another factor that sets apart Lacks and naming her works was her educational background. Considering her race and her family, she did not have the opportunity to have a great education, which became her weakest facet as a student and later working in medicine. This resulted from Henrietta Lacks not daring herself to question or abstain any doctor 's studies and decisions, which led to her name not being recognized as one of the significant individuals who took part in great medicine activities.
If Henrietta Lacks was white, living with a steady economic status, she would have most certainly been treated differently compared to her actual life.…

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