The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks Essay

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In the book "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" is about the significance of the Hela cells of the modern medicine, evolution. And how does it help and contribute through many decades in the history of science. It came from Henrietta Lacks. She is the mother of modern medicine, due to her cells (HeLa cells) It existed during a treatment of cervical- cancer biopsy at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The question is how did "HeLa cell contributes to society, what was it affect" and what is the negative side that people used in HeLa cell? It helped the scientists to develop the polio vaccine in the 1952. "HeLa cells have helped scientists make some of the most important advances in modern medical history". "Tools to keep cells alive, vitro fertilization, and anti-cancer drug", the negative about HeLa cell is they are profiting from her cells be sending it around the world. Before the 1950 's, the world was plagued with polio. We were desperate for polio vaccine; everyone was scared, and school was closed due to the polio diseases. In February 1952, an American physician and medical researcher named Jonas Salk announced that: "he 'd developed the world 's first polio vaccine. But he couldn 't begin offering it to children until he 'd tested it on a large scale to prove it was safe and effective". Aforementioned was very good news for the entire American at that time. However, if Salk wants to invent the polio vaccine he needs to have very large amounts of cells on an…

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