The Immigration System Has Sparked Controversy Essay

1966 Words Dec 14th, 2016 8 Pages
From the idea of building a wall, to people being harassed on the streets. The immigration system has sparked controversy for decades, but given the recent election of President Trump, and the tragedies that continue occur in Syria and Turkey; immigration and more specifically immigration policy has been a trending topic in 2016. With about a total of 6,300 immigrants, legal and illegal, entering the USA every day, there is much debate when it comes to questions about the size of inflows, the role of immigrants on the economy, safety concerns, and all in all the benefits and costs (Batalova and Zong). Above all else the major concern Americans should be thinking about is what makes someone a citizen, and are we staying true the core values of our country when deciding such. But first, before we get to the core of the debate on immigration, what exactly is an immigrant, and what is the process that comes with being one? An immigrant is someone was born in another country outside U.S territory, and then leave their native land to reside in America. Each year the Immigration and Naturalization Act allows in 675,000 permanent immigrants. On top of that the president determines a number each year, that will allow that many refugees to enter/live in the country. There are several types of immigration, and one type is family- based immigration. Under family based immigration there are laws put in place to allow children, parents, and spouses of U.S citizens to enter the…

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