The Immigration Of The United States Essay

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Judgement Immigration in the United States Over the history of time human beings have had different opinions on where they would like to live. Some may stay in one place while others choose to leave and live somewhere else. For the ones that move it could be an hour away to the next city of a different country altogether, but it isn’t always out of choice, war or other events can force people to move too. Those people who move between countries are called immigrants. Lately there has been a large movement of relocation due to war, with a focus on middle easterners coming to the united states for refuge. Immigration to America has been encouraged by many so people can live better lives. Immigration discrimination can be seen through different perspectives, first hand as the immigrant , second hand through family or bystanders with songs such as Kenji by Fort Minor, and third through the perspective of the people acting out the discrimination, being boarder patrol or citizens who just dislike the immigrants. In recent time, war in the Middle East has sent refugees seeking shelter in other countries, one being the United States. Due to some terrorist being middle eastern, Americans were skeptical of letting in refugees. This is not the first time this has happened nor will it be the last. It is human nature to judge, but should we judge based on an individual’s prior habitat or race? In some instances yes, but in this case I don’t believe so. As said before…

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