The Immigration Of The United States Essay

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In the recent months the number of unaccompanied minors illegally immigrating to the United States (US) along the US-South American border, have seen a steady increase. In the midst of this unexpected flood of children immigrants the national and state government has been at odds with each other trying to each find a solution to the issue. At the national level it has been reported, supposedly because of the limited number of resources and personnel to handle the sheer number of immigrants, children have been subjected to harsh and unbearable conditions at the border offices. This has been accompanied by reports of lawsuits being dealt to the US government by a coalition of human rights groups in response for the US quickening the deportation process of these young immigrants without due process (Al Jazeera Staff, 2014). These reported actions further show that the growing number of unaccompanied illegal children immigrants added on to the illegal immigrant population as a whole, is not an issue that can be completely managed even by a first world national government. Some states, like California where they are issuing Trust Acts deterring some cooperation with the federal officials, would say that it is the out-of-date and gridlocked government that is fueling the growing immigration issue. Furthermore, it is these states that are pulling ahead positively and doing things like providing financial aid and driver licenses to undocumented immigrant residents (Ramakrishnan &…

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