The Immigration Of The United States Essay

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Long past are the days of Americas’ fledgling youth, the era in which the American citizen consisted solely of white skinned blue eyed immigrants has departed. Gone too is the idea that America is a melting pot of cultures whose societies culminate into one single homogenous civilization. The America of today can be viewed as a multifaceted mosaic of cultures, as each subcultures lends its own idiosyncrasies to help build the patchworked foundations of the United States. Each of these cultures add to Americas history as each of these cultures have toiled and worked to better the United States as a whole. Many legal residents of the United States view illegal immigrants however as unwarranted visitors who skirt around American laws in order to find a place within its borders. Furthermore, many Americans are angered by how easily these illegal immigrants may be granted legal status within the United States. This spiteful rationalization comes about as many American citizens have had to fight a long arduous battle in order to earn their place within the United States. While this argument is not unfounded, it should be noted that those who choose to immigrate illegally into the United States rarely seem to make the journey because they feel America is the best country but more simply because America is the best choice given the situations illegal immigrants face in their home countries. While many Americans view illegal immigrants as a problem, amnesty should be granted to…

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